Born in Perth, Western Australia in 1983, Jenn Garland graduated from Curtin University School of Design and Art in 2012 receiving the Art Studio Award. Her art practice draws from her scientific research as an environmental psychologist, which is focused on human relationships with environment. She explores perceptual experience through sensory mixed-media installations.

Working across sculpture, painting, and design, she focuses on notions of time and nature.  Her works draw on ritual, monument, and mythology as a source of inspiration, combining ancient historical references with brutal modernism and science fiction to explore how the past marks the future and is reshaped by the present.

Geometric forms and patterns feature with symbolic materials like wine, honey, milk, and plants. Reminiscent of sacrificial offerings, the fruits of nature are offered here as an attempt to change the course of nature. Hints of the profane elements of sacrifice, like transgression of the taboo not to kill, are intended to create a sense of unease, as are allusions to consumption and hedonism.