• PhD student (Environmental Psychology), University of Western Australia, Supervisor W/Prof Carmen Lawrence, 2013-ongoing;
  • Bachelor of Arts (Art), Curtin University of Technology, 2008 – 2012;
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology), First class Honours, Curtin University of Technology, 2001 – 2005;
  • Special Art secondary scholarship, Kalamunda Senior High School, 1997 – 2000.



  • Pro Hart Outback Art Prize – Finalist – 2018;
  • Town of Claremont Art Award – Finalist – September 2017;
  • Pilotenkueche Stipend Award – international Artist in Residence – Leipzig, 2015;
  • Art Studio Award – Curtin School of Design and Art, top 3rd year student 2012;
  • Member of the Vice-Chancellor’s List, top 1% of undergraduates – 2011;
  • National Youth Week artist – 2009;


Solo exhibitions

  • Built to last, PS Art Space, Fremantle, April 2018;
  • Date with disaster, Free range gallery, Perth, June 2016;
  • You too must seek the sun, Kurb Gallery, Perth, March 2014;

Group exhibitions / projects

  • A Space Between, Paper Mountain, Northbridge, August 2017;
  • PS Upstairs PS Art Space, Fremantle, May 2017;
  • Brilliant, Moores Building, Fremantle, Australia, March 2017;
  • Spinnereirundgang, Spinnerei Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany September 2015;
  • Wer ist diese Stadt? Kunstfest Neustadt, Leipzig, Germany, July 2015;
  • Grand Lane Light Locker – public art commission, Sept-Dec 2014;
  • Featured artist, OnWilliam Collectable Christmas Cards, December 2012;
  • Curtin Graduate Show, Curtin University – November 2012;
  • Featured artist, Windows on Williams, Northbridge Festival, November 2010;
  • Commissioned mural, Mojo’s bar, North Fremantle, July 2010;
  • Commissioned mural, Ezra Pound bar, Northbridge, December 2009;
  • Condor tower street art project, curated by Ololo, July 2009;
  • Commissioned mural, RTRfm, Mount Lawley, June 2009;
  • Make a Move: National Youth Week, The Perth Town Hall, March 2009;
  • The Community Exhibits, The Breadbox Gallery, Feb 2009;
  • The Ponies, Spectrum Gallery, May 2008.
  • Curated ‘Photovoice’ project – with urban Indigenous youth for honours research -opened by Minister for the Culture and Arts – 2005


  • Artbank National Collection- The Pits Stop #1/2, 2017, Digital print on polymer, ice dyed canvas, synthetic polymer, 125x125cm;


  • Co-Interview: Danielle Reynolds and Jenn Garland. Artist in Residence series. PICA.
  • Undercurrent, reported by Angela Albuquerque, WTV, 11 June 2016;
  • Eye Candy for the pineapple hungry, Bitchslap magazine, Copenhagen, August 2014;
  • Curtin Graduate Show, exhibition guide, 2012;
  • Featured artist in MD Magazine (Edition 2) 2009;
  • The Ponies (Edition 10, May 2008; Edition 9, Feb 2008; Edition 7, Aug 2007);
  • Mother has Words (Edition 3, Jan 2008).

Scientific publications

[Maiden name, Jennifer Price, is used]

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