Brief Summary: Jenn Garland’s practice incorporates sculpture, installation, painting, and photography. Her art is informed by, and a reaction against, her scientific background researching human-environment interactions. A preoccupation with conflicted human drives characterises her work, along with an interest in materiality, time, and space. She creates simulations of places which open up alternative ways of knowing the past, and possible futures.

Garland has exhibited in group and solo shows nationally and internationally. She supports interdisciplinary arts practice and emerging artists in Perth as the Gallery Project Manager at Paper Mountain artist run initiative. Her work was recently acquired for the Artbank National collection. Her research about the ways people think about the future and understand the environment has been widely published.

Contact details: Email:
Roles and Qualifications:
  • Gallery Project Manager, Paper Mountain Artist Run Initiative, Feb 2017- ongoing;
    • Plan and oversee the program of special gallery projects.
    • Liaise with artists / partners about exhibitions, maintenance of the gallery space, and installation issues.
  • Social scientist, CSIRO, Land and Water, Sept 2007-Nov 2016;
    • Design, implement, analyse, and communicate research regarding environmental and natural resource challenges.
    • Liaise with a range of stakeholders: across levels of Government; community / special interest groups; private sector; and the public.
  • PhD candidate (Environmental Psychology), University of Western Australia, Supervisor W/Prof Carmen Lawrence, 2013-ongoing;
  • Bachelor of Arts (Art), Curtin University of Technology, 2008 – 2012;
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology), First class Honours, Curtin University of Technology, 2001 – 2005;
  • Special Art secondary scholarship, Kalamunda Senior High School, 1997 – 2000.
Awards/ achievements:
  • Pilotenkueche Stipend Award – international Artist in Residence – Leipzig, 2015;
  • Art Studio Award – Curtin School of Design and Art, top 3rd year student 2012;
  • Member of the Vice-Chancellor’s List, top 1% of undergraduates – 2011;
  • National Youth Week artist – 2009;
Solo exhibitions:
  • Date with disaster, Free range gallery, Perth, June 2016;
  • You too must seek the sun, Kurb Gallery, Perth, March 2014;
Group exhibitions / projects:
  • Town of Claremont Art Award, September 2018;
  • A Space Between Paper Mountain, Northbridge, August 2017;
  • PS Upstairs PS Art Space, Fremantle, May 2017;
  • Brilliant, Moores Building, Fremantle, Australia, March 2017;
  • Spinnereirundgang, Spinnerei Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany September 2015;
  • Wer ist diese Stadt? Kunstfest Neustadt, Leipzig, Germany, July 2015;
  • Grand Lane Light Locker – public art commission, Sept-Dec 2014;
  • Featured artist, OnWilliam Collectable Christmas Cards, December 2012;
  • Curtin Graduate Show, Curtin University – November 2012;
  • Featured artist, Windows on Williams, Northbridge Festival, November 2010;
  • Commissioned mural at Mojo’s bar, North Fremantle, July 2010;
  • Commissioned mural at Ezra Pound bar, Northbridge, December 2009;
  • Condor tower street art project, curated by Ololo, July 2009;
  • Commissioned mural at RTRfm, Mount Lawley, June 2009;
  • Make a Move: National Youth Week, The Perth Town Hall, March 2009;
  • The Community Exhibits, The Breadbox Gallery, Feb 2009;
  • The Ponies Edition 10 Exhibition and Launch Party, Spectrum Gallery, May 2008.
  • Curated ‘Photovoice’ project – with urban Indigenous youth for honours research -opened by Minister for the Culture and Arts – 2005
  • Co-Interview: Danielle Reynolds and Jenn Garland. Artist in Residence series. PICA.
  • Undercurrent, reported by Angela Albuquerque, WTV, 11 June 2016;
  • Eye Candy for the pineapple hungry, Bitchslap magazine, Copenhagen, August 2014;
  • Curtin Graduate Show, exhibition guide, 2012;
  • Featured artist in MD Magazine (Edition 2) 2009;
  • The Ponies (Edition 10, May 2008; Edition 9, Feb 2008; Edition 7, Aug 2007);
  • Mother has Words (Edition 3, Jan 2008).
Selected scientific publications:  [Note: Maiden name, Jennifer Price, is used for scientific publications: ]

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